Ashley Holmes

Ashley Holmes Hurlbert

Age: 33
Position:  Partner at Reichert Armstrong Law
Hometown:  Butte, MT
Undergrad:  History and Political Science at Montana State University-Billings
Family:  Husband – Adam Hurlbert; Son – Emmett Hurlbert
Hobbies:  Spending time with family, raising my son, traveling, golfing, and playing softball
Community Involvement:  St. Joseph’s Charity Ball Committee and Volunteer Coach in Youth Sports

Career Path:  Ashley Holmes graduated from UND Law School in 2008.  She was accepted into the Judge advocate General in the Air Force but after being medically disqualified moved to Dickinson and accepted an associate position with Reichert Armstrong.  Ashley began practicing  criminal and civil law but after about 2  years began concentrating on Criminal Law.  She made partner in the firm in 3 years and has been practicing solely criminal defense since that point.  Ashley is partners with Senator Kelly Armstrong and Alex Reichert both of which have served as amazing mentors and great friends.

The majority of her case load is DUI law and as such she spends the majority of her time battling 4th amendment issues.  In 2011, she argued State, ex rel. Roseland v. Herauf, 2012 ND 151, 819 N.W.2d 546 at the ND Supreme Court and won, requiring prosecutors across the state to change the way they prosecuted blood draw DUIs and ultimately led the ND legislature to adopt a new law to circumvent the Court’s decision.


Markus Powell

Markus Powell:

Markus Powell is an Associate with the Reichert Armstrong Law Firm in Dickinson. His practice is focused on criminal law and family law in western North Dakota and eastern Montana. He is admitted to practice in all State and Federal Courts in North Dakota and all State Courts in Montana.

A native of Sacramento, California, Markus received a bachelors degree in Political Science and History from Dickinson State University in 2009. Prior to attending law school he worked in the oil fields of western North Dakota. Markus graduated from the University of North Dakota School of Law in 2014. In his free time he enjoys traveling and hunting.

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